Emergency Indications

Air or gas embolism
Decompression sickness
Gas gangrene
Carbon monoxide poisoning
Brain edema
Thermal burns
Sudden hearing loss
Sudden vision loss
Sickle cell crisis 
Cyanide poisoning 
Carbon tetrachloride poisoning 
Progressive dermal gangrene

Other Indications

Acute and chronic osteomyelitis 
Malignant otitis externa 
Crush injuries are traumatic ischemia, compartment syndrome, and style
Osteoradyonekroz and soft tissue radiation necrosis 
And mixed anaerobic brain abscesses 
Bone graft applications 
Aseptic necrosis 
Amputation infections of stumpf 
Necrotizing fasciitis
Diabetic, decubitus, arterial insufficiency ulcers 
Treatment-resistant wounds, atomic 
Contusion of the spinal cord 
Hypoxic encephalopathy 
Frostbite (Frost) 
Pseudomembranous enterocolitis 
Radiation mynet, enteryte 
Spider and snake and insect bites
Rutracker systemic mikoz (Actinomycosis, point) 
Anaerobic infections 
Some fungal infections
Delayed wound healing


Delay of wound healing conditions (diabetic and non-diabetic ),
Crush injury,compartment syndrome and other acute traumatic ischemia,
Necrotizing soft tissue infections (subcutaneous,Nov,fascia),
Sudden hearing loss
Retinal artery occlusion,
Chronic refractory osteomyelitis,
Thermal burns
Gas gangrene,
Motion sickness suspicious skin flaps and tasks,repairs. (Achilles tendon rupture, tendon rupture Q)
The bones of the skull,sternum, and vertebrae,acute osteomyelitis of S,
Air or gas embolism,
Carbon monoxide, cyanide poisoning, acute smoke inhalation,
Decompression sickness,
Radiation necrosis
Anoxic encephalopathy,
Brain abscess,
Excessive loss of blood.